Students for Sensible Drug Policy question presidential candidates

[Video Link] Irina Alexander, Chair of SSDP (Students for Sensible Drug Policy) Board of Directors says:

Two weeks ago, SSDP members took over New Hampshire before the primary, confronting presidential candidates about the drug war left and right! Within the span of a few days, we were able to capture videos of Gingrich, Romney, Santorum, and Paul answering (or hilariously dodging) our questions.

Here are just a few clips for your enjoyment:

Newt Gingrich tells me he would not have me arrested for using marijuana.

Mitt Romney freaks out when asked about arresting medical marijuana patients.

Rick Santorum forgets that the federal government imprisons drug offenders

Ron Paul sides with sensible drug policy

Also, read the Washington Post's coverage of SSDP's work in New Hampshire.

With our persistence, we brought the conversation of drug policy reform to the national level. If we weren't there asking these questions, most candidates would not have said a word about the issue.

SSDP has a lot of good videos on its YouTube page