Junk-market door as a desk/table/streetdoor

This table, from Italy's Manoteca, is made from a junk-market door and a lot of style:

Made from a door found at a outdoor market in Modena, the table is outfitted with a custom steel frame and new hinges that enable the shutters to open and close at will. When flat, the table can accommodate up to 8 diners, while lifting the back panel open reveals an instant-work desk, complete with rawhide pockets to hold your empty leather-bound sketchbooks and drawers to keep that super 8 camera you're planning to restore (never going to happen). In the words of the makers, "it's a table, it's a desk, it's a streetdoor." When it's time for dinner just lower the top half and lock up.

A Table That's Full of Surprises

(via Crib Candy)