South Korea indicts man for retweeting North

On Twitter, a South Korean sarcastically retweeted something posted by North Korea's official news agency. Treasonous baby photographer Park Jung-geun, 23, will now pay for his crime. The New York Times' Choe Sang-Hun writes:

[He] was detained last month on charges of violating South Korea's controversial National Security Law, which bans "acts that benefit the enemy" —North Korea — but does not clearly define what constitutes such acts. The Twitter account Mr. Park was accused of reposting is run by the North Korean government Web site,, which South Korean news media regularly cite for their stories.

Shown above is one of Park's shoops lampooning the North, in which he portrays himself as a sad soldier more interested in Johnny Walker than war. Amnesty International says that the charges are really about the South Korean government's return to old dissent-suppressing ways.