Playing Black Sabbath on Tesla coils with an iron guitar, standing in a Faraday suit

If you need me to explain why you should spend 1:26 watching a man wielding an iron guitar in a Faraday suit playing Black Sabbath's "Iron Man" on MIDI-compatible Tesla coils, you are in the wrong place, pal.

ArcAttack is performing a Tesla Coil version of Iron Man by Black Sabbath. The Guitar Player is using an iron guitar in a faraday cage

ArcAttack testing out the world's first lighting-proof MIDI guitar in their warehouse in Austin, Texas.

The MIDI signal from the guitar is routed through a fiber optic cable to control the Tesla coils.

Update: From the comments, ArcAttack clarifies, "The guitar isnt iron though, its actually made out of wood with shielding and a couple of micro-controllers hooked up to a switch bank (the fret board) and is all optically isolated. The giant fan in the back isn't for sucking ozone. It was 100 degrees that day and being in a metal suit can get pretty hot. And in reference to Manny's comment, our interview went as follows "THEM: What happens when something goes wrong? US: We have many safety controls to minimize any major problem. If something goes wrong we just turn it off. THEM: is lightning deadly? US: Lightning is very deadly, but our machines arnt nearly as dangerous as real lightning."

ArcAttack performs a Tesla Coil version of Iron Man by Black Sabbath with a Faraday Guitar

(via Making Light)