Grand re-opening of the Cigar Box Guitar Museum near Pittsburgh, PA

Shane Speal says:

201202141400The Speal's Tavern Cigar Box Guitar Museum near Pittsburgh, PA has been expanded and improved for 2012. The museum now sports over 40 handmade instruments, cigar box amplifiers, antique photos and artwork along with historical facts and discoveries. The 2012 exhibit will be unveiled this Saturday, February 18 at 6pm followed by a special Mardi Gras blues concerty by museum creator and cigar box guitarist, Shane Speal.

The centerpiece of the museum is a 92 year old cigar box guitar from 1910. It's crude form features only a single string and is very similar to instruments performed in Vaudeville theatre at the turn of the Century. The museum is free and open to the public during Speal's Tavern regular business hours.

See photos of the entire collection