Backyard-sized western town for sale, $20K cheap

Boontdustie sez, "Topeka, Kansas craigslist – A man built entire 'Cowboy Town' in backyard and is now looking to sell it all for $20,000. Complete with bank, saloon and livery stable… Awesome pics included."

The Bank is currently being used as a garden tool shed. Makes a great place for the mower, some deck chairs, rakes, shovels, hoes, hoses, baskets etc. Bank has two windows on either side of the door. Door has a window with a roller shade. It is approximately 7' 6" wide x 6' 2" long x 7' tall ceiling. Has a flat roof behind realistic-looking front facade that is 11' tall.

The Livery Stable (some call this a barn) is a two-story building that is perfectly sized for use as a chicken house. The Livery stable has an upstairs hay loft with a tin roof, a loft door and two side windows. You can easily stack 6-8 bales of straw in the loft. Downstairs has a dutch-door entry with a separate set-in screen for ventilation. There is one window beside the door that also has a rabbit-screen for ventilation. There is a ladder attached to the wall to access the loft from the inside. We currently have our flock of 10 laying hens housed in this Livery stable. On the outside wall, there is a "chicken door" with a levered closure that slides up and down to keep the chickens secure from predators at night. This stable structure is approximately 14' high x 57" deep x 6' wide. The building is wired for one outlet and one light switch. We had our little hatchlings in this a couple years ago with a heat lamp hung from the ceiling. When they were old enough, we put a timer box and separate light in for convenience and still also have the flip-switch ceiling light.

The Saloon is between the two buildings. It is actually a facade covered porch area. There are two mirrors that act as windows and real swinging doors attached to the solid wall. This makes a great place for our display of old-timey farm implements. Our grand daughter loves to play up here when Grandpa has his hand-crank tool collection out in the summer time. There is an upstairs balcony facade that is strong enough to hold people. This saloon is approximately 13' 9" long x 11' tall x 4' deep. You can easily put a few chairs on the porch to be out of the hot sun in the summer time.

My husband is ready to build something different and we have no more room on our little corner lot. This entire structure was built to be moveable.

Cowboy Town – Garden Shed or Play House – $20000 (Hoyt)