Internet Blueprint: positive proposals for future Internet regulation

Michael Weinberg from Public Knowledge sez, "After coming out against SOPA and PIPA, many people are asking what the Internet is for. The Internet Blueprint is designed to help create a positive agenda for laws that impact the Internet. Come and check out fully drafted bills, and contribute your own ideas. If they get enough community support, we will try to turn them into legislative language and tell Congress to pass them. You can also tell your elected representatives to support some of the already drafted bills. Finally, today is just a start – expect to see more bills, more supporters, and Members of Congress getting behind the bills that make up the Internet Blueprint."

Curb Abuses of Copyright Takedowns

When it comes to takedown notices, it often seems like alleged infringers are assumed guilty until proven innocent. The process that allows content owners to remove allegedly infringing content from websites is far too often abused. Even in cases where there is no infringement, the content is usually removed immediately, taken down for a minimum of 10 days, and is sometimes never replaced.

The Internet Blueprint

(Thanks, Michael!)