Indie rock cruise

My sister-in-law Heather Sparks just returned from the Bruise Cruise Festival, a rock and roll weekend cruise from Miami to the Bahamas. Judging from the video above and Heather's report to me, the Bruise Cruise is, well, exactly what you'd think: hundreds of indie hipsters, loud music, and debauchery on the open seas. Performers included the likes of Fucked Up, Thee Oh Sees, Quintron, and Jello Biafra. Wait, Jello Biafra? Heather says:

Yes, Jello Biafra was definitely on the boat. I met him at the stir fry station before we even set sail. We were on a ship that held about 2,000 squares. But, along with these bloated and borings, were 500 Bruise Cruisers; whacked out-rock n' rollers with tattooed bodies, vintage bikinis, gaudy accessories, enormous appetites for enormous cans of Foster's, and irrepressible enthusiasm for boogying, jiving, and jacuzzi jumping. King Kahn was our God, and the Xanadu Lounge was our temple. I will definitely be going back.

Bruise Cruise Festival