Litterbox foils cats' ardent attempts to kick litter out of the box

201203051548I was getting tired of our 3 cats kicking litter all over the place. I bought this Clevercat litter box and it has significantly reduced the amount of litter they enjoy spreading around. It's basically a storage bin with a hole in the top for the cat to jump in and out of. My cats had no problem figuring out how to use it. (That's where the "clever" part of the name of the product comes into play. The "cat" part refers to the fact that it's for cats).

Mike Ramberg saw this photo on my G+ feed and pointed out a bonus feature of the litterbox: "We had one of those. Often they'd be using it with their head sticking out of the hole. Looked like they were piloting a spacecraft."

Clevercat litter box