Teenager launches Lego Space Shuttle into stratosphere

Oaida Raul, a teenager from Romania, launched a Lego Space Shuttle into the stratosphere by tethering it to a high-altitude balloon, along with a camera that shot gorgeous footage of the ascent. He had to go to Germany to launch the vehicle (to deke out Romania's strict launch rules), and pulled it off beautifully.

1600g Weather Ballon
Rocketmodel parachute – slowing things down on the descent
Spot GPS – for recovery
GoPro Hero – video camera
Kodak Zx1 – video camera which took shit images I couldn't even use
New Trent – external battery for the GoPro (broke down before leaving for Germany)
Handwarmers – keepin' it warm at -50 Celsius
40mm Sytrofoam – building the box
Fishingwire – attached the shuttle by 5 wires
LED Beacon – in case of night recovery
Balsa wood – made the camera arm from it to obtain that filming angle.

And of course: Lego Shuttle model 3367

Micro Blade Jets

(Thanks, Zard!)