Should the estate of John Cage sue for the long silences played on Rush Limbaugh's commercial breaks?

To date, over 50 advertisers have stopped paying Rush Limbaugh to spread his hateful, sexually-obsessive tirades. Here are some other stats from Daily Kos:

— A total of 86 ads aired during WABC's online streaming broadcast of The Rush Limbaugh Show yesterday;

— 77 of those ads were public service announcements donated free of charge by the Ad Council;

— Of the nine paid spots that ran, seven were from companies that have said they have taken steps to ensure their ads no longer air during the program;

— WABC's online feed included about 5:33 of dead air when ads would normally have run.

And LOLGOP reports that " Dead air has asked to not be aired during Rush Limbaugh's show."

Daily Kos: Rush Limbaugh just giving it away for free now