Speech synthesizer in 1K of Javascript

Mathieu 'P01' Henri, a French Web developer, has produced a functional speech synthesizer in 1k of JavaScript. It's an entry in the fourth JS1K competition.

JS1K#4 was colliding with our long awaited family vacation. I had very little time to work. Audio was ON this time and I had this tiny speech synthesizer laying around waiting to be ported to JavaScript and optimized to oblivion.

* Based on Tiny Speech Synth by Stepanov Andrey
* Optimized and minified manually, by yours truly
* Compressed down to 1020 bytes using First Crush by @tpdown

To go under 1K, I had to limit the synthesizer to two formant filters using either a sawtooth or noise and discard plosive sounds. In other words I had to sacrifice quality a bit.

Hope you like this entry.

JSK1K Speech Synthesizer

(via Waxy)