Adam and Jamie's fun new show: Unchained Reaction

[Video Link] Our MythBusting pals, Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, have a new series on the Discovery Channel called Unchained Reaction. It airs Sundays at 10PM (the new season of MythBusters is on Sundays, too). Here's an exclusive peek at the upcoming episode, which features a team of engineers from NASA vs. a team of Special Effects & Prop Animators. The theme is "Fire & Ice".

Each week's episode pits two teams from different backgrounds (rocket scientists, special effects masters, construction workers, engineers, among others) to build a wild and elaborate chain reaction contraption. The teams receive identical materials and five days to complete their journey before series judges Jamie and Adam, and a guest judge each week decide the winner. The guest judges range from Academy Award winning special effects make up artist Rick Baker to engineering professor Adrian Hightower from Harvey Mudd College. The program also features Charles Haine who serves as a mentor to the contestants.

It's a fun show that will not disappoint anyone interested in math, science, engineering, special effects, fire, technology, construction, design, explosions, and bigger than big chain reaction machines.

Unchained Reaction