Man punished for "haircut assaults"

A gentleman in Salford, UK was banned from carrying scissors in public as punishment for sneaking up on two women and cutting off locks of their hair. The "haircut assault man," Darren Dixon, 48, also was sentenced to a 3 year community order, which could involve community service, counseling, or other requirements. From Yahoo! News Uk:

(His first victim noticed Dixon standing uncomfortably close so she) crossed the road and continued to walk and then quickened her pace when she realized Dixon was following her.

As she carried on walking at a fast pace, she felt her hair being touched and "heard a metallic sound hit the floor", police said.

Turning around, she saw Dixon picking up a pair of scissors and clumps of her hair…

Detective Constable Lawrence Gallagher from Longsight CID said: "This was a bizarre case and Dixon has never shown any indication as to why he carried out these assaults and for what purpose.

"Scissor ban for haircut assault man"