Mirage Men: documentary on UFOs as manufactured myth

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Mirage Men is my pal Mark Pilkington's terrific book published last year about the story behind the UFO story — a history of disinformation, paranoia, hoaxers, espionage, and weird psy-ops. While researching the book, Mark and his colleague John Lundberg traveled around conducting video interviews with dozens of characters, from kooky ET enthusiasts to former air force officers whose truths, if you believe them, are far stranger than the fictions you'll get from most UFO books. I'm thrilled that Mark and John along with Roland Denning, and Kypros Kyprianou have transformed all that "evidence" into a feature length documentary. The soundtrack is by distinguished drone/experimental musicians Earth and Cyclobe. Mirage Men, the film, is sure to be a fun mindfuck. Mirage Men