Doomsday condos in old missile silos

Real estate developer Larry Hall is converting Cold War missile silos in Kansas into condos for "preppers" who are getting ready for total and complete societal breakdown due to natural disaster, terrorism, economic collapse, pandemic, or a good ol' fashioned apocalypse. Several buyers have already paid $7 million for their luxury shelters inside the shaft of the silo. From AFP:


(Hall) is also installing an indoor farm to grow enough fish and vegetables to feed 70 people for as long as they need to stay inside and also stockpiling enough dry goods to feed them for five years.

The top floor and an outside building above it will be for elaborate security. Other floors will be for a pool, a movie theater and a library, and when in lockdown mode there will be floors for a medical center and a school.

Complex life support systems provide energy supplies from sources of conventional power, as well as windmill power and generators. Giant underground water tanks will hold water pre-filtered through carbon and sand.

And, of course, an elaborate security system and staff will keep marauding hordes out.

"Doomsday shelters line Kansas missile silo" (AFP)