DogTV picks up where Puppy Channel left off

Do you miss The Puppy Channel? Your wait for 24/7 canine-related programming may soon be at an end, thanks to DogTV.

After its debut two months ago in San Diego, the channel is available via the Internet and has plans for national distrubution. The conceit is that it's actually for dogs, writes Steve Gorman at Reuters:

The content is specifically tailored for four-legged audiences, with even the sound, colors and camera angles adjusted to make them more appealing to canines.The dogs' favorite TV stars, not surprisingly, turn out to be other dogs.

"They love watching other dogs being active on the screen, and other animals," said Beke Lubeach, head of marketing for DogTV, adding that birds, monkeys and zebras have proven popular as well.

According to their research, dogs also like harp music and SpongeBob SquarePants. [Reuters]