video – Too Much Copyright

[Video Link] Zach Weissmueller says: " I wanted to pass along's latest to you because I think it would be of interest, especially considering how outspoken Boing Boing was during the SOPA fight. The video is called Too Much Copyright, and I think the title explains it all. It features Ben Huh of Cheezburger as well as an MPAA lawyer arguing the pro-SOPA, internet regulation side."

"This disconnect between the public's view of copyright and fair use and what should and should not be prosecuted, versus the 'copyright maximist' view of the law, is our generation's Prohibition," says Ben Huh, CEO and founder of Cheezburger and a loud voice in the recent backlash to SOPA and PIPA, two congressional bills aimed at curbing internet piracy.

Copyright exists to "promote the useful arts" according to the Constitution. But is it still doing that? And should the government protect so-called "intellectual property" in the same way it protects other forms of property? posed these questions to Ben Huh, as well as a professor and a movie studio representative.