Funny fold-out highbrow kitchen shelf/book shelf/mantelpiece cover-ups

Discovered yesterday at the London Comica Comiket show at the Bishopsgate Institute, Isabel Greenberg's marvellous austerity-ready posh bookshelves, kitchen shelves and mantelpieces, these being long fold-out illustrations filled with fancy items, high-minded literature, and positional goods that you can use to cover up your shabby personal effects and trashy books. Isabel's website is only displaying the bookshelf and kitchen shelf, and not the mantelpiece (which is a shame, because I think it's the best of the series — I bought one!).

I am working on a series of concertina 'Fold Out-Fold up' products. So far I have a kitchen and a bookshelf. The idea is that you fold them out to cover anything shame full you might have behind. So if you have an embarrassing book case with lots of Mills and Boon or the Twilight books or something, you fold out my book shelf cover and put it in front! The kitchen one has lots of foodie feastables and you can pop it over your kitchen shelf when you have nothing but pot noodles and stale crackers.

Fold Up Fold Outs