Places with single-letter names (including seven places in Norway called Å)

TheWorldGeography has a list of six places whose names are a single character: seven villages in Norway called Å and another in Sweden called Å, a river in Oregon called D and another in Scotland called E, Denmark's Ø hills, and a village in France called Y. Why not?

Å is a village in the municipality of Moskenes, in Lofoten, Norway. This village is traditionally a fishing village, specialising in stockfish, but now also features tourism. The town contains the Lofoten Stockfish Museum and the Norwegian Fishing Village Museum. The place is sometimes referred to as Å i Lofoten ("i" means "in") to distinguish it from other places named Å (seven villages in Norway have the name Å). In Scandinavian languages, "Å" means "river".

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(Image: File:Å i Lofoten.jpg , Matthew Mayer/Wikimedia Commons)