Gallery of cute lunches that Heather makes for her son

Lba Stitch-1

Heather Sitarzewski says:

I decided this past summer that I wanted to make a fun bento every day for my son's lunches this school year. I dug around online for a bit to see ideas and found some very fun sites that have recipes and tutorials for how to manipulate food into shapes and patterns that you don't envision initially when you think about it.

Day one I put together a cute, generic style bento. I knew immediately that I wanted to do Disney characters and other fun imagery. But little did I know, that crazy idea I had during the summer would be received so warmly with my Facebook friends. I started posting them daily there and got so many requests for a place to see them all at once. A book, a blog... a tumblog.

One day a book may be in order. But for now they can all be seen in one place at Lunchbox Awesome.

Lba Hungrycaterpilar
Lba Snoopywoodstock
Lba Mater
Lba Angrybirds
Lba Wallacegromit
Lba Preplanding
Lba Misspiggy
Lba Pinoch Jiminy
Lba Pherb Perry
Lba Jackzero
Lba Frank
Lba Spongebob
Lba Goofy