Samsung TVs can be plunged into endless restarts with easy attack

Some WiFi-connected Samsung TVs can be put into an endless restart loop by sending invalid new-remote-added messages to them. Best part: the researcher who discovered this couldn't report it, because Sammy doesn't have a locatable facility for accepting information about security flaws.

"The bugs have been tested on a d6000 and d6050 TV, but it's highly possible that many of the Samsung devices supporting this protocol are vulnerable because d6xxx is a recent TV and usually these 'core' components are like libraries shared with other devices that make use of the same protocol," he said via email.

Auriemma claims there is no fix for these bugs because he was unable to report the bugs to Samsung. He has also received no word from Samsung. He claims that Samsung doesn't even have a channel through which to report these types of bugs.

Researcher Causes Endless Restart Loop on Samsung TVs

(via The Command Line)