Video profile of a professional whittler

Here's a video of professional whittler Chris Lubkemann, author of The Little Book of Whittling. He says, "I started carving these things in the summer of 1966 …. and I can honestly say in 45-and-a-half years I never gotten bored once."

Karen Dexheimer of Fox Chapel Publishing says:

Screen Shot 2012-05-02 At 2.42.42 Pm-1Chris is a very intriguing kind of guy who describes his life simply, "I'm in my woodworking shop most of the time, but during the day I take breaks to do 'goat shows' and occasional demos with the 'country pitching machine' that's anchored to the roof rack of my '94 Ford Escort." (The country pitching machine is a giant sling shot that he enjoys shooting with his grandchildren using chestnuts as ammo.)

A Day In The Life of a Whittler