Skillets in the shapes of each of the continental states of the USA

FeLion Studios, an ironmonger with style, has made a set of 48 interlocking "Made in America" skillets, in the shape of each of the continental states. Buy them one at a time or get the whole set (which, admittedly, would probably be a little impractical to store in most kitchens — it's 500lbs including a maple mounting block).

Exclusively from the den of FeLion Studios, comes the 48 cast iron skillets of the "Made In America" original state-pan art piece. Now available for individual pre-sale, every skillet from the "Made In America" series fits together with the surrounding states, making these items fun to collect and build your own geographic regions of functional skillets !

Enjoy being the life of a party by hamming up your favorite baked and fried delights with state-shaped proportion! FeLion Studio's cast iron art is a functional example of design concept meeting utility with a fun and social emphasis.

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