Philly Police Union wants to oust retired officer for legally wearing uniform at an Occupy Wall Street rally

Radley Balko says:

The Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police is looking to strip a retired captain of his union membership, because he had sex with a 14-year-old girl illegally raided immigrant-owned bodegas across the city, then stole from and threatened their owners illegally arrested and nearly killed a man for legally carrying a firearm beat his girlfriend and threatened to "stamp" her "heart out" sexually assaulted three women during drug raids . . . hmm. It appears to have been none of those.

Lewis' inexcusable offense?

He wore his police uniform to the Occupy Wall Street protest in Zuccotti Park last year.

"He's not respecting the uniform," [union president John] McNesby said. "People died for that uniform. It's not Halloween."

Not only should Lewis be punished by the union, McNesby said, he "absolutely" should be locked up every time he sets foot in Philly with his uniform on.

Philly Police Union Looks To Oust Retired Cop