Cancer patients and nurses in Seattle Children's Hospital perform Kelly Clarkson's song "Stronger"

[Video Link] The pop hit, as performed by patients and nurses in the Hematology/Oncology ward of Seattle Children's Hospital. Not a big fan of Kelly Clarkson's music myself, but I can't help feeling admiration for the staff and people with cancer in this video. Anything that makes you feel stronger during this process is a wonderful thing. A behind-the-scenes video below.

Update: BB reader autark says,

My wife works in Hem/Onc @ Childrens and apparently Clarkson is all cool with this, and broadcast her response to a big screen they set up for the kids to see yesterday.

Oh yeah, and the film maker is/was a patient, he's been getting mobbed by media interviews for the past couple days.

And Clarkson's response is here. Very cool of her.

(HT: @scanman)