Jack Williamson on what the future meant in the era of scientifiction

Here's science fiction grand master Jack Williamson ruminating on what the future once meant, when he started working in the field, including a reading of an early essay on the future he wrote in the 1920s or 1930s:

Spectacular graphics open a show about how the future was created. SF Grandmaster Jack Williamson tells the space-age dreams of a boy in Portales, New Mexico in the 1930's.

This is also the first part of a larger tribute to Science Fiction's Grand Masters presented at the 2000 SFWA Nebula banquet at the installation of Brian Aldiss. Languishing on my shelves for almost ten years, this video has been patiently waiting to give you pleasure. There are fully 20 Grand Masters, 1 author Emeritus and five future Grand Masters (?) featured in the second part of this program.

The Possible Future

(Thanks, Paul!)