Migratory bird confused for avian spy

A dead bird found in a southeastern Turkey village caused a stir when it was noticed that the bird was wearing a metal ring labeled "Israel" around its leg. Apparently, some were suspicious that the European Bee-eater may have been carrying a spy chip in its beak. From the BBC:

 Wikipedia Commons C C0 Merops-Apiaster

The BBC's Jonathan Head, in Istanbul, says the regional office of the Turkish agriculture ministry examined the colorfully plumed corpse and assured residents of the village, near the city of Gaziantep, that it was common practice to fit a ring to migratory birds in order to track their movements.

An official at the ministry told the BBC that it took some effort to persuade local police that the little bee-eater posed no threat to national security.

At one point a counterterrorism unit became involved in the case.

"Turkey villagers see Israeli spy in migratory bird"