Bottle-Cap Blues: HOWTO open a beer with pretty much anything

I liked Chris Sumers's "Bottle Cap Blues," a well-edited and nicely shot comic short featuring all the different (and often dangerous) ways by which one might open a stubbourn beer bottle when caught without a church-key.

This is a short film that I was a part of for Adam Young's solo Art Show at Common House Gallery entitled: Songs of the Early Riser. Adam had a concept for a video installation. I took his concept and put it into a video. We originally had 4 different edits looping at the show in his installation, but this edit is a compilation of my favorite clips from the three day shoot. This has been the most fun project I have been a part of to date. Sitting around with your friends killing a couple of six packs of beer trying to think of different means to open your next drink is pretty fun. I encourage you to try it.

Bottle Cap Blues

(Thanks, Fipi Lele!)