House cleaner breaks into home, tidies, leaves bill

Last week, the proprietor of Sue Warren Cleaning service tidied up Sherry Bush's home in Westlake, Ohio and left a bill for $75. Thing is, Bush never hired her. Warren broke into the home, cleaned it, and left. Interesting, albeit illegal, approach to marketing. From WKYC:

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When the Bushes read (the bill), they thought Sue Warren just cleaned the wrong house, so they gave her a call.

"I think our jaws just dropped to the ground," Bush said. "I said, what happened, did you get the wrong house? She said, 'no, I do this all the time.' I said, what do you mean? She said, 'I just stop and clean your house.'"

It isn't clear if Sue Warren does this all the time, but she did do it last month in Beachwood, and was charged with criminal trespassing.

"Westlake: "Cleaning fairy" breaks into houses, leaves cleaning bill" (Thanks, Tara McGinley!)