Arik Roper's doom rock album art

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I previously raved about artist Arik Roper's monograph "Mushroom Magick," a book of paintings depicting various species of hallucinogenic shrooms. At the time, I somehow missed Roper's utterly fantastic watercolors for doom/stoner rock albums! At top is the cover of Sleep's "Dopesmoker" (2012 reissue), a somewhat mythic album my pal Patrick Kelly describes as "just one song, about 60 minutes long that details the journeys of the Weedian people (I suppose that's them on the cover) to the land of the perfect riff." And above is the cover art for the band High On Fire's "Blessed Black Wings." That imagery is also available on a handsome black t-shirt with the following emblazoned on the back: "The blood I bleed is black indeed." Arik Roper