Do it for the young black males: legalize marijuana, writes Touré in TIME

Author, journalist, and MSNBC commentator Touré writes in TIME this issue about New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's desire to decriminalize marijuana from a racial standpoint.

"Black men are targeted and stopped and frisked for the crime of being black in poor black neighborhoods," Touré writes, "and those found with small bags of marijuana are sucked into the justice system and forever branded a criminal. This means they will struggle to find work, may not qualify for student-aid and likely stay in public housing. These men are virtually removed from society for a nonviolent offense that many Americans commit. They are failed by America."

As he notes in the story, 12 US states have decriminalized marijuana, including California (though application of the law is a total mess here). Because of New York’s size and place in America, however, decriminalizing marijuana in the state of New York would represent a significant turning point. Read the whole thing.