Rev. Ivan Stang retires from Church of the Subgenius, appoints successor

Jeremy sez, "Church founder Ivan Stang has released a brief statement naming his (iron-fisted?) successor.

Something inside me has died. I just KNEW I should have pulled its beak off first. Seriously, this shit HURTS."

Rev. Ivan Stang announced today his retirement from the SubGenius Foundation, citing his ill demeanor and declining patience with internal conflict among the members of the SubGenius Church, appointing long-time collaborator Dr.K'taden Legume to the position of President and CEO of the Foundation.

Rev. Stang will continue to produce his nationally syndicated radio program, "The Hour of Slack", and attend personal speaking engagements. Rev.Stang later commented, "I'm sick to death of dealing with idiots when my time can be better spent attempting to capture the vicious Jaggi".

Dr.Legume immediately appointed Priestess Pisces as his VP, and stated that his first order of business is to examine the membership rolls and "weed out the dead weight and the malcontents".

The Office Pulpit of Rev. Ivan Stang

(Thanks, Jeremy!)