CNC'ed half-tone portrait of Einstein created with StippleGen 2

The Evil Mad Scientists bring us some of the work of Bruce Shapiro, who used StippleGen 2 to direct a CNC machine to create this beautiful half-tone portrait of The Mighty Hip Einie.

This reminds me of another Bruce's work. Bruce Tombs is the creator of Maria Del Camino, a 59 El Camino on tank-treads that has an articulated arm that allows the body to ride high above the treads, or display at right angles to them. Maria's hood has been decorated with a half-tone portrait of Maria from Metropolis — though Tombs and his friends drilled the tens of thousands of holes in the body by hand (a 59 El Camino won't fit in a CNC machine). I camp with Bruce and Maria at Liminal Labs at Burning Man, and riding around in her is a treat beyond words.

CNC Art from StippleGen 2