Cosey Fanni Tutti's music piece "inspired and made possible" by Xeni's treatment for cancer

Performance artist and Throbbing Gristle alumnus Cosey Fanni Tutti created an 18-minute piece called "Bioschismic," which she says was "inspired and made possible" by Xeni's treatment for cancer. She created it for a new installation at London's Institute of Contemporary Arts called Soundworks.

"Bioschismic" is created solely from audio and photographic documentation of Xeni’s time spent receiving chemotherapy. The repetitive drip drip rhythm of the toxic chemicals measured in precise doses over a specific period of time provide the prospect of extending (life) time. Time is the dominant force yet the effects of the drugs change the experience of time to a space that is other worldly -- a different time zone -- a schism within and for life itself.

Cosey Fanni Tutti ICA 'Soundwork'