Mates of State: "I am a scientist," from pro-girls-in-science compilation "Science Fair" (music video)

[video link] A cool cover of the Guided By Voices song "I am a Scientist," performed by Mates of State on the "Science Fair" benefit compilation support girls in science. Dir.: Lindsay Van Dyke.

Science Fair features new and exclusive music from Mates of State, Laura Veirs, Moona Luna (Pistolera's kids' music incarnation), Elizabeth Mitchell, Frances England and many more. Themed around and benefiting science and engineering education for girls, with an emphasis on foundational education needed to get into science fields when they grow up, Science Fair will be part of advancing the efforts both through the message of the record and through the financial contributions it will generate.

Record comes out July 3. $3 from each album sale is donated to Girls Inc. in support of girl's science education programs.

(Thanks, dpamac)