What kind of heartless monster wouldn't help a nice Canadian girl buy a laser gun?


Jesse Thorn of Maximum Fun says:

A couple of weeks ago, during the "Momentous Occasions" segment of an episode of Jordan, Jesse, GO!, a listener named Donna called in with a dual occasion: she had been admitted to graduate school to study Civil Engineering (she'll be working in green building measurement and certification) and she'd just been named to the Canadian Olympic team, competing in Modern Pentathlon. We invited her on the show for a discussion of her situation, and after some discussion figured out exactly what modern pentathlon is: running, swimming, show jumping, fencing and shooting.

Pentathletes recently switched to laser pistols in international competition, and the pistols are expensive - over $2000 each. Donna's just a nice lady who's studying civil engineering... she gets a free flight to the Olympics, and gets to stay in the athlete's village, but that's pretty much the extent of her income from being a penthathlete. So we decided to help her pay for her laser gun. Because what kind of heartless monster wouldn't help a nice Canadian girl buy a LASER GUN?

The goal is $2900, which would cover the gun, the laser assembly, and the replacement parts necessary in case of a malfunction. We've already raised nearly $1000, just today.

The project is on Indiegogo