Mutant political science fiction movie Sierra Zulu seeks kickstarting

Johannes from Vienna's Monochrom sez, "Sierra Zulu is a dark political sci-fi comedy about the grotesque world we live in. Let's call it the bastard offspring of Catch-22 and Buckaroo Banzai, reborn with the soul of Harun Farocki. It's a feature film for activists and pessimists, historians and makers, diplomats and mercenaries, hot tub lovers and peasants, cell biologists and beer punks. And it has a bloody CREATURE!
The movie is doing great and we already have LOIs from great folks like Robert Picardo, Jello Biafra and Amber Benson, but one of the important movie grants here in Austria got declinded. So we have to get the rest of the money the usual way: by begging and ass-kissing our way through the private industry. And as we want to avoid that as much as possible, we created a Kickstarter campaign for July."

Sierra Zulu

(Thanks, Johannes!)