Chicago turned into giant Monopoly board by street artist(s)

Colossal has the story of a massive, awesome street-art installation in Chicago created by Bored, who turned the city into a huge, spread-out game of Monopoly, complete with enormous Chance cards containing marriage proposals and massive dice.

After a few desperate tweets and some emailing, I finally got in touch with the artist (or artists!) known as Bored. The person (or group) chooses to remain anonymous but expressed via email their dissatisfaction at the lack of quality street art around Chicago. Saying specifically that "the goal of this entire project has been to present something different than a stencil painted on the ground or a poster pasted to a wall. Something 3-dimensional that can be picked up, beaten down, kicked, yanked, grabbed, and broken. And if someone ever put forth the effort to remove it, like a weed it will always grow back. And if left alone it will evolve into something different."

While there are a number of good street artists in Chicago, this is definitely a welcome change of pace. I'm really excited to see this project evolve and hope they have more ideas brewing.

New Street Artist 'Bored' Turns Chicago Sidewalks into an Alternative Monopoly Game