Louis CK's direct-sales concert: $6MM+ and running, and scalping all but extinguished

A report from Louis CK's no fees, no scalpers direct-sales concert tour: Mr CK is up more than $6 million, and scalping is down to less than one percent (compared with 25 percent for his other, traditional-sales events). CK has been approached by scalpers who defend their practice by saying it's legal. He replies to them in this statement to Laughspin:

Contact with these scalpers has been enlightening. They tend to respond with indignance and a defensive posture "Hey man! Scalping is NOT a crime!" We're not treating it as a crime or even a wrong-doing. We are just competing with them, on behalf of my fans, to enforce the terms and conditions of our ticket sales and to keep the prices down. It's worth the effort, it's working and it's even been kind of fun.

Which is a pretty good reply. "I'm not trying to get you outlawed, I'm trying to make you obsolete."

Louis C.K. addresses ticket scalpers: 'It's a tremendous risk' (Exclusive)

(via TechDirt)