Homeopathic doses of the Berlin Wall and tap water

Ainsworth, a "remedy store" sells "homeopathic" "remedies" — diluted-to-nothing, heavily shaken essences of substances that are good for what ails ya, providing whatever ails you is treatable by placebo (and they're happy to sell you "remedies" for potentially serious illnesses that are otherwise eminently treatable provided you're willing to use science instead of profitable nonsense on very tiny stilts in connection with them).

Anyhoo, Ainsworth will sell you homeopathic dilutions of all kinds of random stuff: the Berlin Wall, Kitten chlamydia, Shake N Vac, Microwave, Ultrasound, and yup, tap water.

Don't worry, it's all on the up and up — they've got a royal appointment to both the Queen and Prince Charles. Proving once again that being born to a certain bloodline qualifies you to rule wisely.

Remedy Store

(Thanks, @benburry!)

(Image: The fall of the Berlin Wall – November 1989, a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from gavinandrewstewart's photostream)