Child-sized hamster ball with matching bowling alley

Hammacher Schlemmer's Human Bowling Ball is a $4,500 amusement for children aged 5-12. It consists of: one giant, inflatable hamster ball and; one inflated bowling lane. You insert your progeny into the former and entice them to run quickly at the latter, caroming off the sides to the amusement of all.

This is the inflatable bowling game that challenges players to assume the "roll" of the ball in knocking down a set of pins. For ages 5-12, the transparent PVC ball is inflated to its full 7' diameter by an adult with the included blower–a zipper cinches the ball closed yet opens quickly to allow egress and quick entry for another player. A player simply runs forward inside the ball, generating momentum to knock over six 5'-tall foam pins that yield easily at the point of collision. An included stationary air blower keeps the 3'-high lane boundary constantly inflated to an optimal firmness to keep careening bowlers within the lane's confines. Four stakes firmly secure the lane to the ground. Its rip- and tear-resistant vinyl construction withstands years of play, and resists mold and fading. Inflated: 40' L x 17' W x 3" H. (280 lbs.)

The Human Bowling Ball.

(via Super Punch)