It pleases me to see Sirius XM telemarketing calls in my spam folder

Screen Shot 2012 07 13 at 4 37 25 PMA couple of years ago, the lease on my Ford Explorer hybrid ran out and I returned the car to the dealer. Ever since, Sirius XM Radio has called me on a weekly (and when they are on a roll, daily) basis to try to get me to reactivate their radio service on the car, which I haven't seen for over 2 years.

I have communicated with Sirius XM by telephone, by e-mail, and by snail mail to tell them that they should not waste their valuable time trying to get me to reactivate service on a car that is no longer in my possession or under my control. My e-mails and letters to Sirius XM go unanswered. The Sirius employees I speak with on the phone assure me that they will make the calls stop. But they never stop.

Fortunately, Sirius XM has my Google Voice number, so I can block their calls and send them directly to a spam account. Now my phone doesn't ring when they call. The only way I know they've been calling me is when I look at my spam folder on my Google Voice account. It gives me pleasure to see the growing list of Sirius XM's futile attempts to contact me.

I'm currently subscribing to Sirius XM with the car I drive now. When the lease expires in a couple of years, I expect they'll start calling me again, and I will get twice as many calls as before. But these calls, like all their others, will go straight to the spam folder.

I don't think I will subscribe to Sirius XM again. I'd rather listen to audio books and podcasts on my iPhone anyway. Goodbye, Sirius XM.

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