UK Labour party sucks up to Big Content

A reader writes, "The creative industries are busy again luring the UK Labour Front Bench with their charms. However, DCMS is not only responsible for the creative industries, they are also responsible for libraries, museums, and Internet policy. The Culture Secretary of State should definitely not be just a mouthpiece for one industry."

Yeah, but this is the party that rammed through the Digital Economy Act (including a Great Firewall of Britain and disconnection for the families of people who are accused of illegal downloading) without any substantial Parliamentary debate.

Harriet Harman MP, Shadow Culture, Media and Sport Secretary, speaking after the reception, stated:

"We're working with the Creative Industries to celebrate their national and global success, to protect and strengthen the DCMS and to build an even stronger future in difficult times.

"The creative industries are vital to our economy and to our society, and that's why we're working with them and colleagues in our Treasury, Education and BIS Shadow teams on a strategy that will allow our world-class creative industries to maintain and build on their successes."

Creative Industries deserve a place at the Government's table – Jarvis