This list of Satan's hobbies closely matches Boing Boing's interests


[UPDATE: This page is from a Jack Chick tract parody about Governor of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal] I just learned that Boing Boing is the Devil's playground. The following subjects are considered "doorways to demonic possession": Illuminati, Scientology, Remote viewing, Cyberpunk culture, Vegetarianism, Lord of the Rings, Lycanthropy, Postmodernism, Alt "comix", Marihuana & Pot parties, LSD/shrooms, Video games, Harry Potter, Dungeons & Dragons, Halloween, Fornication, Skull & Bones, Rock Music, Burning Man, Twilight films, and Goth culture, among other happy mutant interests.

LSD, cyperpunk culture, vegetarianism, Burning Man, heavy metal, and dozens more as doorways to demonic possession"