Commercial spamflooding used by crooks to tie up their victims at key moments

Security expert Brian Krebs was the target of a malicious email flood, and writes firsthand about the experience. These floods — which can be directed at any and all of your phone (voice or SMS) and email — are used by crooks who want to busy-out all their victims' communications channels while they are ripping them off electronically. This kind of flooding is available as a (surprisingly cheap) commercial service.

Used mostly in private for myself and now offered to the respected public.

Spam using bots, having decent SMTP accounts.

Doing email floods using bots. Complete randomization of the letter, so the user could not block the flood by the signatures.

Flooder is capable of the following functionality:

Huge wave of emails is being instantly sent to the victim. (depending on the server load and amount of emails to be flooded)

Delivery rate of 60-65% — depending on the SMTP servers.

Limit for flooding single email account on this server is 100,000 emails.

Plan – Children – 25,000 emails — $25
Plan – Medium – 50,000 emails — $40
Plan – Hard – 75,000 emails — $55
Plan – Monster – 100,000 emails — $70

Cyberheist Smokescreen: Email, Phone, SMS Floods