Facebook makes Karl Frisch sit in a corner for 24 hours because of his Chick-fil-A political cartoon

NewImageDemocratic strategist Karl Frisch got bounced off Facebook for a day for posting this satirical ad about Chick-fil-A.

As many know, Frisch is openly gay and does not support the practices and policies of the chicken joint on account of what he describes as their support of anti-gay organizations.

“This is a load of horse shit. @Facebook has blocked me from posting content for 24 hours for posting this,” said Frisch, taking the matter to Twitter.

The columnist posted on Chick-fil-A on his public profile last week and received upwards of 5,000 views with 100 people re-sharing. “It’s obviously fair use,” Frisch told FishbowlDC, explaining that he first noticed the image on Twitter.

“I thought Chick-fil-A left a bad taste in my mouth, now it’s Facebook,” he said.

Is Facebook Chicken Sh&t? Journo Banned for 24 Hours