Notes from DEFCON and DEFCON Kids

I've been posting lightly around here for the past week, as I've been at DEFCON, where I gave a speech. I brought my whole family — wife, daughter, and parents — and the kid got to do some lockpicking workshops at DEFCON Kids, the astoundingly bad-ass kids' computer literacy program run alongside the main event. I was run off my feet (in a very good way) at the event and haven't yet gotten enough of a handle on it to write something coherent, but my wife Alice has a good writeup of our experience there, with special emphasis on the DEFCON Kids axis-of-awesome (my wife was Education Commissioner for Channel 4 for some years before quitting to do a startup and has seen every educational tech approach under the sun, DEFCON Kids blew her away) and, separately, Katy Levinson's stupendous, semi-drunken, vodka-fueled, obscenity filled virtuoso engineering talk on the practical difficulties of building and operating robots.

Update: Katy Levinson adds in the comments, "Also, if you have a moment, please help us save Hacker Dojo, a wonderful hackerspace and the first home of Pinterest. Hacker Dojo is currently in danger of being shut down by the city."