Twisted, abandoned bike carcasses on the streets of New York

Ryan sez, "We recently went out on the streets of Manhattan to photograph bikes around the city that have been abandoned, destroyed or otherwise left for dead, and how they contrast with the many vibrant scenes that surround them. The bikes tend to take on a surreal shape after being twisted and rusted for so long, rusty bike chains begin to look like miniature Richard Serra constructions and bent wheels melt like Dali's clocks. We tried to bring the beauty out of these things that many people would consider eyesores."

I got creamed by a drunk driver on my bike twenty-plus years ago. When I finally got off crutches and rescued what was left of the frame that I'd U-locked to a post before the ambulance came, I brought the bike to Duke's cycle for an insurance replacement. They confirmed it was a write off and told me the dead frame would go to the Bovine Sex Club, a venue across the street whose sign was made of hundreds of twisted abandonware bikes welded together.

The Abandoned Bikes of New York City

(Thanks, Ryan!)