Edward Tufte's sculptures of Feynman's diagrams

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Next month at Edward Tufte's ET Modern Gallery in New York City, the pioneering information designer will exhibit his incredible sculptures based on physicist Richard Feynman's diagrams of subatomic behavior. These are truly sigils of science. Tufte will provide free tours at the show's opening on Saturday, September 15. From the free downloadable exhibition catalog (PDF):

Feynman diagrams depict the space-time patterns of particles and waves of quantum electrodynamics. These mathematically derived and empirically verified visualizations represent the space-time paths taken by all subatomic particles in the universe.

The resulting conceptual and cognitive art is both beautiful and true. Along with their art, the stainless steel elements of All Possible Photons actually represent something: the precise activities of Nature at her highest resolution.

"All Possible Photons: The Conceptual and Cognitive Art of Feynman Diagrams"